Top 7 Reasons Why is Kolkata famous?

Why Is Kolkata Famous?

Located in India, Kolkata is a city of love and joy. And, it is among the famous cities in India. So, Kolkata has been attracting tourists from all over the world for years. Do you know why is Kolkata famous? Well, there are many specialties in Kolkata that make it popular and renowned. Let’s discuss some of  the specialties of the city:

  • Bengali Food – That’s Why Kolkata is Famous

O yes, food is something which attracts many. Are you a food lover too? Then, you must visit Kolkata to try the tasty Bengali cuisine. The mouth-watering roshogollas, Kolkata Biryani, sweet and easily digestible sondesh, spicy maacher jhol, Kolkata rice, and aaloo stuffed puchkas are the heartiest of all things. This is among the reasons that justify the question ‘why is Kolkata famous?’.

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  • Kolkata Transport System

Why is Kolkata Famous

Tram! You should know that Kolkata is the only city in India that has trams to provide a smooth and cost-effective transport facility. Hand-pulled rickshaw in Kolkata which is rare now gives the city a vintage look. Commuting through metro-railways, intercity trains, auto-rickshaws, cycle-rickshaws, and buses are also very less expensive in Kolkata.

  • Historic Buildings and Cultural Heritage

Kolkata is a city of cultural heritage and it has many historic architectures too. As Kolkata was British India’s capital, architecture and buildings from the time of British rule in Kolkata have been kept preserved till today. The infrastructure of Victoria Memorial, Fort William, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and Marble Palace have been alluring tourists to the city for years. 

In addition to these, Kolkata’s Howrah Bridge is among the largest cantilever bridges in the world. So, now you know ‘why is Kolkata famous?’. 

  • Art and Literature

Kolkata has always been excellent in the field of art and literature. The contributions by great freedom fighters, poets, writers, and artists, from historic times, are being followed and appreciated in Kolkata. Poems and writings by Rabindranath Tagore and Kazi Nazrul Islam have been evergreen in this city. 

Kolkata is also famous for classical Bengali Cinema. It has various Bengali theatres such as RDB, Nandikar, Minerva, Bohurupee Group to flaunt its talented actors. Even international cinemas are organized in Nandikar, every year. And, this answers the question ‘why is Kolkata famous?’

  • Education 

Kolkata provides world-class education. In fact, it has many famous institutes like IIM and Indian Statistical Institute. Many aspiring students migrate to Kolkata to get a high-quality education. So, Kolkata is also a city of scholars.

  • Sports

Many international cricketers and footballers visit Kolkata to play their respective matches. The city has Eden Garden Stadium and Salt Lake Stadium for various cricket tournaments. Even celebrities such as Shahrukh Khan visit Kolkata to support IPL matches. 

There is also the Kolkata Football Academy in the city to prepare talented footballers for international and national matches. This is how Kolkata has been contributing to uplift young generations. Think how proud India must have been of Kolkata. Still, you ask why is Kolkata famous? Well, to know more, continue reading. 

  • Festivals – (Why Kolkata is Famous)

The city of joy Kolkata has been celebrating various festivals every year. Durga Puja, Kali Puja, Christmas, Poila Boishakh, and Eid-ul-Fitr have been among the top Festivals of Kolkata. As Kolkata is an Indian city of diverse beliefs and practices, it is colorfully and beautifully adorned during these festivals. And, this captivates many visitors to the city.

Among all traveling places, you must visit Kolkata, only then would you be able to understand ‘why is Kolkata famous?’. Hope you enjoyed reading. Feel happy to share your experiences with us. Thank You!

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