What is The Culture of West Bengal?

What is the Culture of West Bengal?

As we know, West Bengal is an Indian state of diverse culture and beliefs, it is extremely beautiful and peaceful. Now, you must be thinking ‘what is the culture of West Bengal?’. So, to satisfy your curiosity, we have done deep research on the culture of Bengal. Let’s discuss them here:

What is The Culture of West Bengal

  • Architecture 

West Bengal has a lot of architecture varying in various styles. Here, you can find Mughal palaces such as Hazarduari Palace and Nasirpur Palace, British architecture such as Fort William, and modern architecture such as Biswa Bangla Gate. In addition to these, there are some world-famous architectures in West Bengal such as Howrah Bridge and National Library.

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  • Literature 

West Bengal is among the most famous states for literature in the Asian continent. Among all great people, the contribution of Rabindranath Tagore in the field of literature is most appreciated in West Bengal. Even Kazi Nazrul Islam is famous as the ‘Rebel Poet of British India’. And, the contribution in the field of literature in West Bengal by Kazi Nazrul Islam is unforgettable. 

So, the rich practices of literature in the state answer the question ‘what is the culture of West Bengal?’.

  • Festivals – Culture of Bengal

The grand celebration of Durga Puja in West Bengal is worldwide famous. And, the celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr and Christmas in the state make it a place of diverse beliefs. In fact, these make West Bengal a colorful and joyful state in India. So, now your questions related to ‘what is the culture of West Bengal’ are being answered.

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  • Music – Folk Culture of West Bengal

Many renowned classical musicians from West Bengal have already made India feel proud of them. Gombhira, Bhatiali and Bhawaiya are among folk music of West Bengal. And, dotara, dhol, bamboo flute, tabla are the most used musical instruments of the state.

  • Dance

Gaudiya Nritya and Chhau dance are the classical dance forms of West Bengal. Furthermore, West Bengal is also known for its folk and martial dance traditions. These add to the culture of the state. Hope now you know what is the culture of West Bengal.

  • Theatre

There are many theatres in West Bengal where you can watch dramas. Bengal theatre shows include narrative forms, songs, dance, dramas, performances with scroll paintings, supra-personae forms, the processional forms. These theatre shows contribute to the culture of Bengal. Do you still want to know ‘what is the culture of West Bengal?’

  • Painting

West Bengal is famous for its art and paintings. Many famous artists of West Bengal have made the world feel proud of the state through their highly artistic work. Furthermore, Kalighat Painting is among the top paintings of the state. And, this painting contains depictions of mythological characters. 

If you are still interested to know ‘what is the culture of West Bengal?’, then please continue reading.

  • Traditional Dresses

Traditional dresses are part of the culture of Bengal. Men wear Panjabi and dhoti as their traditional dress. And, women wear saree on every traditional occasion. 

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