What are the traditional dress of West Bengal State?

All-time Traditional dress of West Bengal State

Are you interested in knowing about the traditional dress of West Bengal state? Well, Indian women wear saree whereas men wear Panjabi and dhoti in their traditional festivals. However, there are varieties of traditional dresses in West Bengal specially sarees. Let’s discuss them:

Traditional dress of West Bengal State

  • Dhakai Jamdani Saree – Bengali traditional saree for Durga puja

The unique feature of Dhakai Jamdani is its thousand emeralds patterns. And, this pattern includes delicate flowers that are weaved through gold and silver-colored threads. This beautiful saree which is said to have originated from Dhaka is the traditional dress of West Bengal state.

  • Korial and Garad Saree – traditional dress of West Bengal

Korial and Garad is a white saree with bright red borders and stripes on its ‘pallu’. This saree is made of silk. Bengali women generally wear this saree during Durga Puja, ivory/conch shell, and red lacquer bangles. So, Korial and Garad Saree is the traditional dress of West Bengal state.

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  • Tant Saree of West Bengal

Have you heard of tant saree? Well, the Tant saree has a unique feature in that it has a thick border, a decorative pallu, and a relatively plain body. Furthermore, it is lightweight and comfortable to wear in the hot and humid climate of West Bengal. 

  • Baluchari Saree of West Bengal

Baluchari saree originated from West Bengal itself. It is made from fine silk with gold embroidery of religious and historical scenes from Indian mythology. This saree is also known as the ‘swarnachari saree’ because of its bright gold-colored embroidery. And, it is the traditional dress of West Bengal state.

  • Tussar Silk Saree

 Malda district in West Bengal is the hub for the production of the Tussar silk saree. This makes it the traditional dress of West Bengal. It is more textured than conventional silk and has solid colors. Furthermore, the Tussar silk saree has the golden sheen of the silk beautified with both traditional and contemporary style motifs on its pallu. 

  • Kantha Silks and Cottons Saree

The Kantha embroidery is very famous in the Shantiniketan area of West Bengal.  This embroidery is done using a running stitch with bright-colored threads. And, Kantha Silks and Cottons Saree has this Kantha embroidery done on cotton and silk fabrics.

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  • Murshidabad Silk Saree

Murshidabad district in West Bengal is famous for its unique type of silk saree. So, as the traditional dress of West Bengal state, Murshidabad Silk Saree is very popularly used. Furthermore, Murshidabad Silk Sarees are available in a range of bright colors. And, these have block printing patterns along with ‘batik’ designs.  

  • Muslin Cotton Saree

Muslin Cotton Sarees are super-soft to touch and adorned with delicate patterns. This type of sarees is available in soft pastel colors. And, when properly starched, they look classy and elegant. 

Till now, we have discussed Bengali women’s traditional dresses. Now, we would discuss the traditional wear for men of West Bengal:

  • Panjabi and Dhoti – Traditional dress of West Bengal State for men

Yes, Panjabi and Dhoti is the famous dress of West Bengal state for men. Panjabi is similar to the north-Indian kurta. And, dhoti is a plain cloth made of cotton or silk. Panjabi can be of Tussar silk, Kantha silk, Muga silk, cotton-silk or Garad silk.

So, we have already talked about the traditional wear of West Bengal. However, modern Bengalis also wear jeans, t-shirts, shirts, skirts(women wear), etc.  

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