Top Food Bloggers In Kolkata

Kolkata is a city of joy and is also very famous for its tasty and inexpensive food varieties. And, the top food bloggers in Kolkata have been very elegantly covering the description of these foods. Their blogs have been so fascinating that they convey the real taste and feel of the delicious Kolkata cuisine. 

Some of the top food bloggers in Kolkata are:

  • Soham Sinha – top food bloggers in Kolkata

Top Food Bloggers In Kolkata

Soham Sinha who is also known by his social media handle @kolkatadelites is a famous food blogger in Kolkata. Soham loves to taste and explore a wide variety of Kolkata food items. And, he has been attracting many food blog lovers through alluring photographs of food on his blog. Furthermore, his food blog also beautifully describes the street foods of Kolkata.

  • Avijit Biswas – best food bloggers in Kolkata

Avijit Biswas is known by his Instagram username @av.jit.bis_kolkata. And, he is among the top food bloggers in Kolkata. In fact, there is hardly any restaurant in Kolkata about which Avijit has not left his review. And, the best part about Avijit is, he is a verified Zomato reviewer as well. Doesn’t this sound amazing? Well, it does, right? Let’s discuss more food bloggers.

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  • Prama Mukherjee

Have you been through the profile of @the_spoon_of_flavours on Instagram? This blog is owned by Prama Mukherjee. Her name is among the top food bloggers in Kolkata. And, she is a specialist in indoor food photography. You must go through her blog. There are many drool-worthy food photographs clicked by her. 

Furthermore, Prama Mukherjee also develops her own food recipes and she shares them through her blog. Doesn’t this sound tempting? Well, you must visit her blog at least once and you would get to understand the real cuisine style of the Kolkata blogger. As she is a blogger from Kolkata so you would get to know about delicious Bengali food items. 

  • Rimli – Kolkata Food Blogger

Don’t forget to go through the Instagram profile @rimleed. This blog is owned by Rimli. Rimli is one of the top food bloggers in Kolkata. Besides being a blogger, Rimli is also a famous food stylist. Interesting, right? You would get to see many razor-sharp indoor food photographs on her blog.

Rimli also develops many food recipes and also shares her ideas through her Youtube channel. When you happen to visit her blog, you would be amazed to see many homemade food items with their recipes being displayed there. Of course, Bengali food items are part of this blog.

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  • Supriyo Majumdar

Want to know about the latest restaurants or food joints? Visit @baggygreensupriyo on Instagram. This blog is owned by Supriyo Majumdar. Like other top food bloggers in Kolkata, Supriyo also blogs about Kolkata cuisine. Apart from this, you would get many recommendations related to food joints where you should visit. 

Furthermore, Supriyo is also a Zomato connoisseur, level 13. Now, you can understand how expert he is when it comes to food. So, if you are looking for the Kolkata food blog, his blog is among the best. His blog would make you want to taste the original food of the city of joy Kolkata.

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