List Of Top 10 Best Bloggers In Kolkata 2021

Top 10 Bloggers In Kolkata

The blogging sector has been rapidly growing whether it is on WordPress, Youtube, Blogger, or Instagram. In Kolkata, many bloggers are earning lakhs per month. Do you want to know about them? Well, the top 10 bloggers in Kolkata are:

  • Aisha Mahdi

Aisha Mahdi is a top fashion blogger and has 276k followers on Instagram. The name of her blog is ‘styleetvogue’. Her blog always contains updates related to food and beauty. Aisha Mahdi is from Kolkata. Try reading her blog, you would get to know her real style of fashion.


Top 10 Bloggers In Kolkata

  • Nivrity Das

Nivrity Das is an employee of TCS and she runs her blog as well. The name of her blog is ‘The Celfie Princess’. And, this blog includes parties, fashion, and travel-related content. Nivrity Das is among the top 10 bloggers in Kolkata. She is in both influencer marketing and content creation.


  • Sudeshna

Sudeshna has her own dream blog platform named ‘Sudeshnasworld’. Through this blog, Sudeshna takes blog visitors down her own journey. Her contents are a combination of health and wellness along with fashion tricks and tips. If you are looking for health tips, you must visit her blog.


  • Priya Priyambada

Priya Priyambada is known as the beauty pageant queen in the blogging business. She is also crowned as ‘Woman for Extreme Cause’ and ‘Miss Style Odisha’. Furthermore, Priya Priyambada has 225k followers on Instagram. And, she has been collaborating with many renowned brands like Gucci. All these make her among the top 10 bloggers in Kolkata.


  • Shilpi Saha

Shilpi Saha is extremely talented in photography. And, her blog is a combination of her fashion with the right amount of photography skills. She is involved in influencer marketing where her work is known to support freedom of choice among women and their body confidence.


  • Sumelika

While talking about the top 10 bloggers in Kolkata, Sumelika is among them. The name of her blog is ‘My Not-So-Secret Diary’. Through this blog, Sumelika shares her fashion looks, personal styling tips, and her travel stories. Furthermore, Sumelika is also a doctor and a dancer. Sounds amazing, right?


  • Ritika Jaiswal

Ritika Jaiswal covers her travel stories through her blog ‘TheBrokeChica’. And, this blog is a combination of interesting content along with impressive travel photos. Ritika is from Kolkata and she loves to keep her blog updated with time.


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  • Rudrita Chatterjee

Rudrita Chatterjee is among the top 10 bloggers in Kolkata and her blog contains tips for young girls. Through her blog, she suggests many remakes of trendy looks and the right way of wearing specific designs. And, you would also get to read healthy recipes on her blog.


  • Nikita Agarwal Manchanda

Her blog ‘pentwister’, is always updated with fashion, tech, DIY, and food. Furthermore, it also includes her travel stories along with her recent visits to Sikkim and Jaisalmer.


  •  Chikky Goenka

Chikky Goenka is among the dedicated top 10 bloggers in Kolkata. The name of her blog is ‘Style o Graph’.And, as she has been working to support the Bengal fashion industry, her blog portrays the culture and fashion of the Indian Bengalis. 


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