Top 10 Best Bengali Sweets in Kolkata

Top 10 best Bengali sweets in Kolkata

Kolkata is a city of sweet lovers. And, Bengalis are fond of making and eating sweets. So, your visit to Kolkata would be incomplete without tasting these delicious food items of the city. And, we are here to tell you about the most mouth-watering sweets in Kolkata. The top 10 best Bengali sweets in Kolkata are:

Top 10 Best Sweets in Kolkata

  • Roshogolla -Famous bengali sweets of Kolkata

Roshogolla is the most famous sweet which is synonymous with Bengali food items. These are soft and spongy balls that are soaked in sugar syrup. These are delicious and easily digestible. Feels tempting right? For these reasons, roshogolla is among the top 10 best Bengali sweets in Kolkata. You must taste them at least once when you visit the city.

  • Chanar Jeelapi

Chanar Jeelapi is made of fresh milk paneer, maida, and khoya. These are fried and soaked in sugar syrup to make them juicy and delightful. Your sweet tooth must be craving them, right? Well, that is obvious, as chanar jeelapi is among the top 10 best Bengali sweets in Kolkata.

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  • Bhapa Doi

Ever heard of Bengal’s famous mishti doi? For your best information, bhapa doi is a variant of these mishti doi. Yogurt and condensed milk are blended and steamed to make mouth-watering bhapa doi. Furthermore, it tastes best when refrigerated and cooled. So, bhapa doi is among the top sweets in Kolkata, especially for the summer season.

  • Sandesh – Popular bengali sweets of Kolkata

Sandesh is surely among the top 10 best Bengali sweets in Kolkata. In fact, it is Kolkata special. Available in a tempting variety of flavors and shapes, Sandesh attracts many consumers. And, it is healthy as it is made of ‘chenna’. Mostly, kids are fond of this sweet.

  • Kheer Kodom

Kheer Kodom is a mini roshogolla that is covered with milk cream and coated with grated khoya. The delightful juiciness of kheer kodom makes it among the top 10 best Bengali sweets in Kolkata.

  • Darbesh – Top 10 Best Bengali Sweets in Kolkata

Darbesh is another version of boondi laddu of the North. And, it tastes yummy as it also includes ‘khoya’ and dry fruits. So, darbesh is among the best sweets in Kolkata.

  • Nolen Gurer Payesh

Nolen Gurer Payesh is among the top 10 best Bengali sweets in Kolkata. And, it is made on special occasions by boiling basmati rice in milk and adding date palm plus jaggery. Mouthwatering right? Taste them now!

  • Langcha

Langcha! Really delicious! It is made of maida and rolled into oblong balls, then fried and dipped in sugar syrup. It is brown in color and juicy in taste. If you are looking for the top 10 best sweets in Kolkata, you must taste lagcha at least once.

  • Khirer Chop

The khirer chop is a mix of flour, milk, suji, bread, nutmeg, and sugar. And it is so tempting to attract many sweet tooth consumers. Taste it once, bet you cannot resist having another.

  • Pati Shapta

Pati Shapta is among traditional Bengali sweets. And, it is specially prepared on Bengali’s New Year to make the occasion more delightful. Try visiting Kolkata to have these tasty sweets. You would surely love the experience.

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