Top 10 Most Famous Places in Kolkata To Visit

Most Famous Places In Kolkata

Kolkata is a city of joy with diverse beliefs and a peaceful environment. And, the city has many famous places to visit and enjoy. Now, let’s discuss the most famous places in Kolkata:

Most Famous Places In Kolkata

  • Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial is a beautiful architecture which is made of white marble. This architecture was constructed in the years between 1906 to 1921, to commemorate Queen Victoria. And, it was built in Indo-Saracen style with a mix of British forms. Touch of Islamic, Mughal, Egyptian, Venetian, and Deccan styles has also been given to this architecture.

  • National Library

You must have heard about the National Library in India. Yes, it is Kolkata. It is the largest library in the country with a massive collection of books. Try to walk around in this library, you would get to touch and smell age-old books that have been carefully preserved here for years. The National Library is definitely among the most famous places in Kolkata

  • Howrah Bridge – Most Famous Places In Kolkata

Howrah Bridge! How can we not mention the popular Howrah Bridge? It is among the largest Cantilever bridges in the world that are built above the River Hooghly. And, Howrah Bridge is also a gateway to Kolkata that forms the connection between the eastern Bank of Howrah and the western banks of Kolkata.

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  • Fort William

Fort William in Kolkata was first built by the British East India Company, after that, it was reconstructed by Siraj-ud-Daulah. Situated on the eastern banks of the Hooghly River, this fort is the headquarters of the Indian Army (Eastern Command wing). This makes Fort William among the most famous travelling places in Kolkata.

  • Eden Garden

Eden Garden is a famous cricket stadium in Kolkata. This stadium attracts many foreign tourists to Kolkata, especially during World Cup cricket matches. Spread over 50 acres, this stadium has 66,349 seats for audiences. And, it is the second-largest stadium in the entire world. 

  • Science City – Top Places In Kolkata

Science City in Kolkata is one of the largest and finest science museums in the world. Equipped with various exotic features, Science City attracts many science lovers to Kolkata. And, the artificial Jurassic Park, time machine, tornado, the aquatic world makes Science City among the most famous places in Kolkata

  • Birla Planetarium

Situated near Victoria Memorial, Birla Planetarium attracts many tourists. This architecture is a science museum. And, it has many astronomical models which operate on electricity.  Furthermore, the astronomical gallery in this museum hosts many astronomical shows in various languages.

  • Alipore Zoo

A famous zoological park in West Bengal, Alipore Zoo has a variety of species to see. If you are fond of wildlife, you must visit this zoo. In fact, this place is ideal as a picnic spot during the winter season. So, you can plan a day for a picnic at Alipore Zoo with your friends or family. So, you can include this zoo among the most famous places in Kolkata.

  • Indian Museum – Famous Places In Kolkata

As the ninth oldest museum in the world and largest in India, Indian Museum has an exquisite collection of antiquities. So, if you are fond of history or archeology, this museum is the best place for you to visit in Kolkata.

  •  Calcutta Botanical Garden

As the oldest garden in India, Calcutta Botanical Garden is among the best places to visit in Kolkata. This garden is a house for many rarely found plants. So, it attracts many botany lovers and provides them with an eye-pleasing adventure.

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