Mostly Spoken or Main Languages Of West Bengal

What Is The Main Language Of West Bengal?

West Bengal is a state which is situated in India. It has various hill stations and an abundance of greenery. And, it is surrounded by the state of Sikkim and the country of Bhutan on its north, the country of Bangladesh on its east, the Bay of Bengal on its south, and the country of Nepal on its northwest. There are many languages spoken in West Bengal. Let us talk about the main language of West Bengal.

Bengali (The main language of West Bengal)

main language of west bengal

Bengali is the main language of West Bengal. It is also the regional language of the state. West Bengal and the country of Bangladesh have this common feature of having Bengali as their native tongue. A large population of West Bengal is fluent in speaking, reading, and writing Bengali. Even state universities of West Bengal prefer to teach in Bengali. 

Local citizens of West Bengal feel proud to speak in Bengali. There are many patriotic songs’ lyrics written in Bengali. If you are travelling by bus or auto-rickshaw in West Bengal, it is more convenient for you to communicate with the bus conductor or auto-rickshaw driver when you know Bengali speech. 

Furthermore, you would also find many newspapers and magazines in Bengal written completely in the Bengali speech. So, Bengali is the main language of  Bengal.

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English is also the main language of West Bengal. Being among the international languages, English is very much required to be spoken in many corporate sectors in West Bengal. And, the state has many English-speaking schools and colleges. Also, the number of English-speaking people is increasing in Bengal every year. 

Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal has a history from British times. So, it has influenced British history and language. Since English was spoken by the British in India, Kolkata has been influenced by this language. So, English is also the main language of West Bengal.


Hindi is the national language of India. So, it is also the main language of West Bengal. And, this tongue is widely spoken in most parts of India. More than 30% of the population in some districts of West Bengal speak Hindi. According to the present government of West Bengal, 6 languages other than the Bengali tongue are spoken in the state. 


Urdu is also the main language of West Bengal. And, the state has also been influenced by some nawabs like Siraj-ud-Daulah. So, at least 10% of the population of West Bengal are Urdu speakers. Also, some newspapers in Bengal such as Akhbar-e-Mashriq are written in Urdu dialect.

Other Languages

Nepali, Oriya, Santhali, and Gurumukhi are also spoken in West Bengal. Though these languages are not among the main languages of West Bengal, yet some of the residents of the state are happy to communicate in these languages. Many residents of West Bengal residing in the north of the state speak in the Nepali tongue. 

We hope that this content has given you complete information about the main language of West Bengal.

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