Must Try Local Street Food of Kolkata

Famous local street food of Kolkata

Are you planning to visit Kolkata? Amazing! Do you know that Kolkata is well-known for its food? You must try the authentic and local street food of Kolkata. Well, let’s discuss 10 such street foods:

Local Street Food of Kolkata

  • Aloo Puchka – Popular Street food of Kolkata

Among all the local street food of Kolkata, aloo puchkas is extremely spicy with a sour and tangy taste. Aloo puchka includes round crisp paris stuffed with smashed spicy potatoes. These puchkas are filled with sour and spicy water to make them taste mouth-watering. Puchka is one of the famous food items in Kolkata. Furthermore, these puchkas are very less expensive, you can buy them at Rs 2 or Rs 4 for each. 

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  • Aloo Chaat

Aloo, some daals, matar, and some spices are cooked and mixed to prepare Kolkata’s aloo chaat. Some sour and spicy water is added to these chaats to make them tastier. You can easily buy a plate of these chaats from any local street of Kolkata at approximately Rs 10 – Rs 20. These chaats are not only tasty but also stomach-filling. 

  • Lucchi and Aloo Dum

Lucchi is made of wheat flour or maida and deep-fried in oil to make it edible. Luchis are generally eaten with aloo dum. Aloo dum is prepared by cooking potatoes with spices. This local street food of Kolkata is healthy and stomach-filling. You can have them for your breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

  • Kathi Roll – best Kolkata street food

Kolkata’s Kathi Roll has its origin from Mughlai cuisine. This roll can be mutton or chicken roll mixed with fresh lemon juice, red onion, green chilies, salt, and tomato sauce. This roll is extremely mouth-watering, protein-rich, and stomach-filling.

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  • Macher Chop

West Bengal is famous for its fishes. So, macher chop is the famous local street food of Kolkata. This food includes smashed fish and spices. It is protein-rich and healthy to eat. Try these chops at least once when you visit Kolkata.

  • Doi Vada

The delicious doi vada of Kolkata is the food of attraction for many. You must try the doi vada of the New Market street area, they sell spicy doi vada with sweet and sour chutney. Mmmmm…this sounds yummy, isn’t it?

  • Roshogolla

West Bengal is famous for its sweet dishes. And, roshogolla is on the top among all the sweet foods of Kolkata. This spongy, juicy, and easily digestible food is loved by many kids. So, remember to taste this local street food of Kolkata, when you visit the city.

  • Bhel Puri

Made by mixing puffed rice, crushed paris, bhujia, chopped pieces of boiled potatoes, edible oil,  sweet and sour chutney, and some dry spices, this bhel puri is sold on almost every famous street of Kolkata. 

  • Churmur – Kolkata street food

Churmur is another mouth-watering best street food in Kolkata. It is made by mixing crushed puchka paris, smashed potatoes, tamarind pulps, lemon juice, salt, and many dry spices. It is a must-try food in Kolkata.

  • Chowmein – local street food of Kolkata

Though chowmein has its origin in Chinese noodles, Kolkata chowmein is much more spicy and tangy than simple and less spicy Chinese noodles. You must try Kolkata chowmein with tomato and chili sauce. This local street food of Kolkata is stomach-filling and can be bought at Rs 40 – Rs 50 per plate.

Hope our content has ignited the love in you for food. Keep visiting our Kolkata food blog to know more about tasty food items of The City Of Joy Kolkata. Please stay tuned! 

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