Is It Good To Drinking Coffee Before Workout?

Drinking Coffee Before Workout

Coffee is a brewed drink that is prepared by mixing milk, coffee powder, and sugar. These coffee powders are prepared from roasted coffee beans that are seeds of berries from species called Coffea. Do you want to know whether it is good to drinking coffee before workout? Please continue reading to know the answer.

Drinking Coffee Before Workout

Is coffee good before a workout?

It is often seen that many prefer to drink coffee to boost their energy before they start their daily workout exercises. But, the question is, ‘is it good to drinking coffee before workout?’ Well, in its nutritive value, coffee has high caffeine and it is low in expense. But, you also have to consider that drinking coffee before a workout must not affect your health adversely.

Well, coffee has some side effects when consumed in large quantities. But, if you drink coffee in a required quantity before the workout, it can increase your endurance and power. Furthermore, coffee also improves focus and alertness along with utilizing stored glycogen and fats.

How much coffee is good?

Well, it is advised to limit your coffee consumption to no more than 400 mg per day, or around 710–945 mL(3-4 cups) of coffee per day. O yes, it is good to drinking coffee before workout, in this much quantity. 

Side effects of coffee

Coffee! Yes, it is very tasty to drink. But, if you regularly drink more than 3-4 cups of coffee, you may face side effects. Be careful! Though caffeine is an energy booster, it may cause discomfort in the stomach if consumed in excess quantities. As its side-effects, it may also cause anxiety and dizziness to the human body. 

If you are not used to drinking coffee regularly, then sudden high consumption of the beverage may cause or trigger tremor and restlessness in you.

Timing of drinking coffee before workout

Now, the question is, ‘At what time is it good to drink coffee before workout?’ So, to answer this question, it has been advised by many doctors to drink coffee approximately 45-60 minutes before you start your workout. Yes, maintaining this much time gap between your coffee intake and your workout would make you active.

Types of coffee you can take before workout

As coffee has both benefits and side effects, you should be very careful while selecting the type of coffee to drink before a workout. And, it is advised to drink black coffee before you perform fasted cardio exercises. As black coffee does not contain carbs, it won’t affect your performance. 

It is always suggested to avoid drinking specialty coffees before the workout as they contain added flavors and syrups. And, because of the high quantity of sugar and calories in these additives, your performance may face hindrance.

My Opinion

Do you want my opinion? Okay! There is no doubt that it is good to drinking coffee before workout. But, please make sure to drink a maximum of 945 mL of black coffee per day, before you start exercising. I request you not to exceed your daily coffee intake limit beyond 945 mL. 

Of course, I want you to be healthy. So, I hope you would consider my opinion. Stay healthy, stay happy!

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