5 Best Unexplored Hill Stations Near Kolkata

Best Hill Stations Near Kolkata

Are you looking for the best hill stations near Kolkata? Great! Here is the list of hill stations near Kolkata city. Let’s discuss them:

  • Darjeeling – hill stations in West Bengal

The queen of hill stations, Darjeeling is a pristine beauty. Covered with snow-clad mountains, this hill station experiences pleasant weather. And, the beautiful tea garden of Darjeeling produces an aromatic environment on this hill station. Furthermore, the third highest peak of the world, Kanchenjunga can be seen from Darjeeling.

Best Hill Stations Near Kolkata

Being among the best hill stations near Kolkata, Darjeeling attracts many visitors from Kolkata. Other tourist spots on this hill station are Tiger Hill and Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park.

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  • Samsing

You can visit Samsing via NH12 and Badshahi Road. Samsing is a small hill station that is situated at an altitude of around 3000 feet above sea level. Lying on the foothills between Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling, this hill station is a fusion of hills, tea gardens, rivers, forests, plains. From here, you would be able to see the beautiful snow-clad mountains of Bhutan.

Samsing experiences beautiful weather for most parts of the year. You can also visit Neora Valley Park, a tourist hotspot that is located around 18 km from the hill town of Samsing. These make Samsing among the top hill stations near Kolkata. Samsing Tea Estate, the Rocky Island, and Lali Guras are some tourist attractions near the hill station. 

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  • Kalimpong – Best Hill Stations Near Kolkata

Situated at an altitude of around 4101 feet above sea level, Kalimpong is an amazing hill station in India. The snow-covered mountains and lush green parks on this hill station provide picturesque views to the tourists. You would also get to see a variety of flowers in Kalimpong.

The Kalimpong Science Center that is located atop Deolo Hill was established in 2008. This center attracts many science lovers. So, Kalimpong is among the best offbeat hill stations near Kolkata.

  • Mirik

Among the cheap hill stations near Kolkata, you can visit Mirik. You can visit this hill station via NH12 and Badshahi Road. Lying deep in the hills of Darjeeling District in West Bengal, the hill station of Mirik is a beautiful place to visit. And, the pleasant climate plus ease of access to this hill station attract many tourists. 

There is a Sumendu lake in Mirik, that is surrounded by a garden called Savitri Pushpaudyan. This lake is also surrounded by two natural borders on either side. One of its natural borders is a forest of pine trees, and the other one is a footbridge which is called  Indreni Pool. 

  • Gangtok

Located at an altitude of around 5400 feet above sea level, Gangtok is a must-visit place for all nature lovers. The lush green dense forests consisting of trees such as poplar, oak, wet alpine, and birch add to its scenic view. The best way to see the entire Gangtok is by riding on a cable car that travels from Bidhan Sabha to Deorali. Gangtok is definitely listed among the best weekend hill stations near Kolkata.

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